ISO 10646-1 collection identifiers

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Tue Sep 21 1999 - 11:52:48 EDT

Does anyone have an on-line list of the ISO 10646-1 collection
numbers and ranges?

The Blocks.txt file on seems to be
different from the ISO collections and also does not show the
corresponding collection identifiers.

Would ISO collection identifiers be a good part of X11 XLFDs? E.g., I
could name a font "*-ISO10646-C1,5,19" to signal that this font covers
only ISO 10646 collections 1, 5, and 19.

We would this way have a nice font file namespace for fonts that contain
say only Han glyphs and have to be merged in a "font set" with other
fonts to provide a comprehensive ISO 10646-1 font. This might be a good
way to avoid storage redundancy for the non-Han glyphs in CJK fonts,
because only the Han collection would be provided in regional variants,
while the rest could come from an invariant font.


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