Re: REPLY: Foriegn lang. credit for braille / FW: Braille...

From: Scott Horne (
Date: Thu Sep 23 1999 - 11:59:00 EDT wrote:
> It just happens that there is a very
> simple mapping between Latin-for-English and
> Braille-for-English, but (apparently) the mapping between
> Han-for-Chinese and Braille-for-Chinese is at all simple
> (indeed, not algorithmic).

There is no simple mapping between braille and the usual
orthography for English. In order to reduce the bulk of
written materials and save the reader's time, braille
employs many standard abbreviations that do not correspond
to anything in the printed script. No simple algorithm
has the sensitivity and judgement required to produce a
braille transcription reliably.

Scott Horne

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