RFC 2279

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 15:31:19 EDT

Unicadetti: I am forwarding this on behalf of IESG.

        -- Sarasvati

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  Cc: unicode@unicode.org
  From: The IESG <iesg-secretary@ietf.org>
  Subject: Last Call: UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646 to Draft
  Reply-To: iesg@ietf.org
  Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 15:21:11 -0400
  Sender: scoya@cnri.reston.va.us

  The IESG has received a request to consider RFC2279 'UTF-8, a
  transformation format of ISO 10646' as a Draft Standard.

  The IESG plans to make a decision in the next few weeks, and solicits
  final comments on this action. Please send any comments to the
  iesg@ietf.org or ietf@ietf.org mailing lists by
  October 11,1999.

  File can be accessed at http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2279.txt

  Implementation Report is included on the IETF Web Page:


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