RE: Internationalization using MS Access '97

From: Chris Pratley (
Date: Mon Sep 27 1999 - 19:55:50 EDT

Access97 is not a Unicode application, but you store multilingual data using
multiple Windows code pages. The problem with this is that the bytes used to
store the text in those various code pages need to be interpreted correctly
when you extract the data, so as part of your database you would need to
store the code page used for each entry, and make sure that info stays with
the data. Of course, display of your data in data tables will not be correct
since only one code page interpretation can be used for the plain text data
at a time, and neither will sorting and other operations work consistently
on those text fields, but at least you can handle the information.
Access2000, if you have the chance to use it instead of Access97, is
Unicode-based so it handles multilingual data intrinsically, including
display and processing, communication with Unicode-based back-end data
sources like SQL Server 7, Oracle8, and so on.
In general, help for developing these solutions is available through the
standard Microsoft developer support channels, but you may need to push a
bit to reach someone with multilingual knowledge. (In case you were
wondering, no, I am not product support and I am afraid I can't be of much
further help).
Chris Pratley
Program Manager
Microsoft Office
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Dear Sir,
My name is Srikanth Durbhakula. I am looking at the Issue of
Internationalization of the software that we are developing at FEDEX,
I would like to know whether it is possible to implement
internationalization using Access '97 as Database on Windows'95 and VB 6.0
as front-end. If so, please direct me of any help, if at all available over
the internet.
Thank You,

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