Re: Normalization and the principled U-turn

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 11:19:08 EDT

That, or simpler, choose decomposed normalization, Normalization form D or KD.


At 08:07 28/09/1999 -0700, Christopher John Fynn wrote:
>Michael Everson <> wrote:
><<I have noted that some provision for versioning of the normalization
>algorithms is presaged in UTR#15. It makes me shudder, thinking what will
>happen what my (fictitious) typesetting program, 2000 Unicode XPress
>Version 3, would do when presented with post-Unicode-3.0 data which has the
>-grave precomposed as well as with combining grave. Easy to tell:
>sorting and searching won't work for the precomposed latter but it will
>work for the decomposed sequence; that is, my Unicode XPress will be broken
>until such time as its owners spend time and money on revving up to the new
>normalization algorithm, and until such time as I spend my money on an
>upgrade I didn't need except for some vowels I never use.
>In other words, it's not enough that we have to upgrade fonts for new
>versions of the standard (which is reasonable as scripts get added) but all
>our apps as well.>>
>Yes if the normalisation data is hard coded into your applications - but
>could be designed to read in a file containing table information for
>new or additional normalisation and sorting rules. Perhaps what is needed
>is a standard format for such files.

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