RE: A basic question on encoding Latin characters

Date: Tue Sep 28 1999 - 15:49:24 EDT

> "Mark E. Davis" <> wrote:
> > We should make it very clear that Normalization Form C does *not*
> > eliminate combining characters. It does precompose them where possible,
> > but for many scripts and characters it is not possible, or desireable.
> >
> Yes, this is spelled out very clearly in the technical report. In this way
> Unicode Normalization Form C differs from ISO 10646 Implementation Level 1,
> in which "a CC element shall not contain coded representations of combining
> characters". I think this more accurately represents the position taken by
> the authors of Plan 9 and (correct me if I'm wrong) those working on the
> Linux console and UTF-8 xterm.

In ISO 10646 terms Unicode Normalization Form C is very close to ISO 10646
Implementation Level 2.


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