Missing North American characters?

From: Eric Brunner (brunner@world.std.com)
Date: Wed Sep 29 1999 - 16:50:55 EDT

Gee Michael, were you planning on asking nice or just taking another big

Given the charm already resident, and permanent in this public spectacle
that the two of us have managed to create, and the marginal utility the
"collective utility of all" offers to the users of endangered languages,
let alone the postures of ego masquerading as standards body process, I
don't see why a non-contributor like yourself shouldn't wait until the
language communities are in agreement as to the technical requirements for
their language in its current and archival written (and machine-readable)

Stick to the issues Everson, UCAS may be done, and Cherokee (albeit two
errors) too, but generally we're not done. We have conferences on the
subject, everyone would like to use their E-RATE monies for computers
their classes can use for something other than TV culture reinforcement,
and no one has yet stopped (or rather started) our presses with a shout
of Eureka!

Now kindly find some other normatively divergent commmunity member to
rail at.


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