RE: A basic question on encoding Latin characters

Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 05:14:29 EDT

Option 5. Wait till 2002, when florins will go out of currency to be
substituted by euros.


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> Michael E wrote:
> >1. Do nothing. Leave it to the font makers to make special
> fonts for Ewe.
> >2. Do nothing now. Wait for Ewe users to complain.
> >3. Disunify. Add FLORIN SIGN to the currency symbol block and
> remap Mac and PC characters to it instead of U+0192.
> change the case mapping for U+0191 to this rather than to
> U+0192.
> Option 1 includes the possibility that font makers include
> *two* glyphs which are selected according to features such as
> language using ATSUI/AAT, OpenType or similar technology. I.e.,
> it's not necessary that fonts serve either one or the other but
> not both. This solution still may not be the best, however, for
> purposes other than rendering.
> Option 2 is calculated to make certain people continue in their
> distrust of certain bodies, and I hope we can do better than to
> do nothing on this matter.
> Option 3 sounds like it would be costly to some companies that
> are probably not that easy to move, and it sounds like it would
> also impact a large number of users.
> Option 4 sounds like it would impact the fewest number of users
> (I'm just guessing - please tell me if I'm wrong); I have no
> idea whether this would have a small or large cost on those
> users in the short term. (Long term, it should benefit them.)
> I also have no idea how to compare the cost to this group of
> users (option 4) to the alternative costs entailed by option 3.
> Peter

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