Re: Use of the Florin symbol not as a currency symbol; polysemous character use (was: Re: U+0191, U+0192 [F with hook])

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 10:38:18 EDT

Karl Pentzlin scripsit:

> My argument was simply: Maybe it is not the optimal solution to *introduce*
> such polysemous use for new characters without compelling reason. Now, we
> *have* enough characters to avoid that.

The Mac has, in fact, introduced a polysemous use: hook-f-symbol is both
"folder symbol" and "florin symbol".

> Maybe in the description of a future Mac OS
> version you will find something like: Use the character U+xxxx as folder
> symbol; for compatibility reasons you may also use the hooked f (U+0192), as
> long as you do not disable this use explicitely because you want to use the
> hooked f within filenames. Thus a smooth transition can be made.

AFAIK the use of hooked-f is a mere user-level convention;a folder name
*is* a filename in that sense.

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