Re: Ogham & Runic

From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 12:03:03 EDT

John Hudson scripsit:

> At the risk of inciting another interminable thread on the politics of
> Unicode, may I ask someone to explain _briefly_ why Ogham and Runic have
> been encoded in the BMP instead of Plane 1?

See , which
in short says "They're small, they're well understood, we can
afford the space, we need them now (there are many fonts and
lots of users on the Web)."

In particular, there are more references to Ogham and Runic fonts
on the Web than to Armenian ones, and the corpus of notes passed
by Irish children to each other in Ogham probably exceeds the
extant corpus of Ogham inscriptions.

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