Re: NT & UTF8

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Fri Oct 01 1999 - 12:52:07 EDT

> > > I want to know whether there are any emulators (like UXTERM on
> > > UNIX) for Windows-NT that can display UTF-8 data.
> > >
> > Our working copy of Kermit 95 can. It's in Beta test, should be
> > released within a couple months.
> How can I get it?
I'll have someone contact you about it.

> > Understanding and processing Unicode is one problem; a separate one is
> > locating an adequate monospace Unicode font. The Lucida Console and
> > Courier fonts that ship with NT are rather sparsely populated.
> >
> > > Also, is there any book or manual that is useful to understand
> > > locale setttings and display for a ms-dos command
> > > prompt? (like do I need a localized version? what all settings
> > > I need to change etc)
> > >
> > Are you talking about DOS, or about a Windows NT Console window?
> MS-DOS command window that we use in Windows NT.
Although the "DOS" window (it's not really DOS, it's a 32-bit console
window, as you can tell by the fact that you can use long filenames, etc)
can use Unicode fonts, it is restricted to "OEM code page" encoding, so
you are limited to the repertoire of CP850 or whatever. It might be
possible to change code pages, but it probably isn't easy. However, a
console application that runs IN the console window does not have this
limitation, and can take full advantage of whatever (fixed-pitch) font
can be chosen in the console window's Font list.

- Frank

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