Jamo and Johab (was Re: Terminology question: character-like thing)

From: Edward Cherlin (edward.cherlin.sy.67@aya.yale.edu)
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 05:45:35 EDT

>At 08:20 -0700 9/29/1999, Mark E. Davis wrote:


>- A combining character sequence is a type of "grapheme" (aka "user
>character"). Besides CCSs, graphemes also include Indic syllables, Thai/Lao
>syllables and Hangul Jamo syllables.

Since you are trying to be precise, please note that Jamo
(U+1100-11F9) are conjoining letters and two- or three-member
conjoined sequences. Hangul KSC 5601 syllable characters
(U+AC00-D7A3) are called johab. (The Unicode standard Version 2.0, p.

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