Re: Missing North American clues?

From: Eric Brunner (
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 08:28:34 EDT

Thanks for sharing Ed.

Ego recovery, public or private, by Everson or people who substitute that
activity for fact finding, isn't an acceptable alternative to research.

List attitude is as easy as grabbing an editor, an empty buffer, and a
list that approves its expression. Try not confuse Everson's schedule
"now" for mine, there is a difference between "won't" and "in a queue".

Now are you sure you both want to insist that there are no fact issues,
and that Everson's "schedule for collaborators" is conductive to the
determination of fact issues and their truth value, should they exist?

I'm convinced of the converse, so responding to me, or finding some dull
delta on the subject line to suggest your mail has either intellectual
content, or at least wit, is probably a choice less useful than writing
to your adoring biographer, or Everson's.


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