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Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 12:43:15 EDT scripsit:

> 1: In your example, you use GUJ as an abbreviation of Gujarati. Notice
> that there is a standard for 2-letter abbreviation of languages (from ISO, I
> think; there should be a link to it also on the Unicode site). This could be
> used in your proposal also to identify scripts (where each script is
> identified by the language it took its name from: Latin, Arabic, Greek,
> etc.). A handful of non conflicting 2-letter abbreviations should however be
> added for scripts that didn't take their name from a language (Cyrillic,
> Devanagari, Hangul, Kana, etc.).

I will attempt to forestall Michael by noting the existence of
an ISO pre-standard for script names; home page (in English and French)
at .
Script names are 2 or 3 letters (or a number), conventionally capitalized
Xx or Xxx (to distinguish them visually from language and country names).

> CJK Ideographs currently have uninformative names like "CJK IDEOGRAPH 4E00".
> They could be more validly named using IDS's (Ideographic Description
> Sequences) with only Kangxi and Supplement radicals as DC's. E.g.:

The names will not be changed again, ever. No matter how bogus they are.
But feel free to prepare and publish such a table, which would be
extremely useful.

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