Re: Use of the Florin symbol not as a currency symbol

Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 01:59:41 EDT

>Idiosyncratic or not I named a folder with it only yesterday,

       I don't think that's surprising. The more important question,
       though, is whether you have a need for that character to have
       any specific semantics in relation to normalization or case
       mappings? I could decide to use an ampersand or yen sign or any
       other character in filenames to signify something particular in
       abbreviated form, but I probably wouldn't expect any software
       do to anything intelligent with that other than read it and
       display it. What I'm trying to determine (I admit, I didn't
       phrase it as a question) is whether it matters to anybody what
       case mapping is associated with a character they've used as an
       abbrev for "folder" in a folder name.


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