Latin-ext-B and IPA fonts

From: Glen Perkins (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 16:21:50 EDT

What freely downloadable TrueType fonts for Win32, if any, are available
that cover the Latin Extended-B and IPA blocks?

Lucida Sans Unicode has pretty good coverage, but I'm not sure if it is
included in any of Microsoft's freely-downloadable Language Packs
(Pan-European, for example.)

Does anyone know? I'm looking for a way to display Pinyin, incl. the U+01CD
to U+01DC range, and IPA in commercial products on any Win32 machine. I'd
like to be able to use those code point ranges in my apps and point users to
a URL whence they could download a very simple font installer if they didn't
already have Lucida Sans Unicode, or some equivalent, on their machines.

Glen Perkins

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