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Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 16:11:44 EDT

Raven Travillian recently said to Michael Everson:

> Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you mean, but wouldn't the Egyptian
> reversers have to affect the bidi directionality, since the direction you
> read the text from depends on what direction the characters are facing? Or
> do you mean that that issue is handled at a level other than Unicode?
> /Raven

I'd regard it a compulsary mirroring. Some symbols like "(" mirror when
going right-to-left (As do Egyptian characters.) This control would cause a
mirroring of the preceding character. If it is already mirrored because it
is in right-to-left text (and mirrors naturally) then it is mirrored again
back to its original orientation.

> Michael Everson:
> > Of course for Runic and Egyptian there have been proposed "glyph reversers"
> > that affect the glyph but not the bidi directionality, but it seems no one
> > wants to hear about this kind of thing for plain text.

I agree with Michael that it would be a useful addition to the standard.
Latin letters are mirrored too in some texts to make distinctive
abbreviations of names or common words. I think it should be part of the
standard rather than a rich text matter since mirroring is already part of
the standard and this control interacts with it.


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