Re: Schutz-Staffel symbol

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 05:41:49 EDT

Ar 12:41 -0700 1999-10-04, scríobh Scott Horne:
>Rick McGowan wrote:
>> It's just a logo -- same as any other corporate or government logo. Doesn't
>> belong in the standard any more than any other logo.
>There are other logos in the standard: the JIS logo, for example,

This came from an industrial standard; but the BSI Kite Mark and the CE
mark and the UL mark haven't been encoded.

>and various religious symbols.

The WHEEL OF DHARMA is not a logo. It and most of the other religious
symbols, including the HAMMER AND SICKLE, are emblems, not logos.

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