Arabic text in Unicode

From: Abdallah Clark (
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 16:00:31 EDT

                                With the Name of Allah!

I joined this mailing list just this month and need assistance in
determining whether to use Unicode or other currently available methods to
develop a database of about 20,000 records with 40 fields in each record,
with both English and Arabic script (although any given field will only
have one language). The database is for my personal use. I am a native
speaker of English, but have learned to read Arabic and am studying its
grammar for about a year. I want the database to be relational, with about
seven different tables at least. I am an undergraduate Computer Science
major and have taken a DBMS course. Further, I have learned Access, Sybase
SQL Anywhere, Paradox and FoxPro on my own. I use both Windows NT and
Linux and attend Northeastern Illinois University, in Chicago.

Thanks in advance for whatever help anyone would care to render.

Faithfully yours,

Abdallah Clark (Digit "one" after Clark)

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