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Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 15:03:40 EDT

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> Peking "Beijing" or
> >>Bombay "Mumbai"?.
> >
> >For the last two, I think there's nothing wrong with us
> updating to more
> >correct pronunciations than those cogged together by civil
> servants of the
> >British Empire. Pinyin is _convenient_, and why not use it for all
> The change from Bombay to Mumbai has nothing to do with British
> officials having it wrong. Bombay is Bambai in Hindi, and Mumbai in
> Gujarati and Marathi -- the latter two languages are much more common

"Bollywood" in the vernacular, isn't it?

BTW, somebody (I think it was this list, anyway) wrote something about the
XML/Ancient Languages confab being held at the Oriental Institute in Chicago
tomorrow and Saturday. Now I can't find the note, so whoever you are, shoot
me an email if you'd like to grab a pint afterwards. And be sure to visit
the basement bookstore across the street - best humanities/socsci bookstore
on the globe.


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