adminstrative reminder

From: Sarasvati (root)
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 17:08:12 EDT

Hello Darling Unicode Subscribers...

Just in case some of you missed it, I am re-sending
my administrative note of last week. A few people
have had difficulties, but I do notice that some
other people have taken advantage of the function for
multiple subscription addresses...

How to tell if your message was tossed in the bit-bucket?
Well, all messages to the list go to all subscribers, even
the sender. So, if you don't get an echo in twenty-four
hours, and you see other messages coming through on the
list, then there's a good chance that your message has
been recycled into plump new electrons with an entirely
different destiny.

Cheery regards from your happy-go-lucky hostess,

        -- Sarasvati

> Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 11:05:08 -0700 (PDT)
> To:
> Subject: administrative details

Dear Unicode Subscribers:

Recently we changed the posting policies for the
Unicode mail list. It is now set up so that you
must be a subscriber in order to post messages.
Hopefully this helps to prevent Evil Spammers from
sending things we don't want. However, it also means
that you, the subscribers, must carry a small burden.
(Just think of this as Spam Prevention Tax.)

You can only post from the address that is subscribed.
If your subscription is "" then that is
not the same as "" or "",
and your message will of course be rejected. There
has been a slight increase lately in this type of
rejection, so that's why I'm telling you this.
Approximately 99.97085% of subscribers are NOT affected
by this, and may go on with life as usual in
blissful contemplation of truth and beauty.

The intrepid few may read on...

If you regularly post from two or more addresses,
then you can subscribe with both of those addresses.
Fortunately, you can also turn off one of them so
that you don't receive duplicated Unicode list mail to
both addresses. Here's how to do it... (No, please
don't rush out to do this unless you are one of those
who has seen this problem, and regularly post from
alternative accounts.)

You may send a subscribe message, as described on the
web, but after the line saying "subscribe"
put a line saying "disable". The address
is entered into the database, but an option is set causing
it to be skipped during message distribution.

This information will shortly be added to the web
page about subscriptions. If you need help and
can't figure out what to do, just ask. (And be sure
to include your mailing address so I can invoice you
for custom subscription charges at a rate of US$2.70
per CPU second.)

I remain your eager and unsleeping servant,
sworn to uphold decency, artistry, and poverty,

        -- Sarasvati

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