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Date: Wed Oct 13 1999 - 16:01:37 EDT

Jens Siebert wrote:
> My question is: What is meant by `group 00` ???

A detailed introduction to ISO 10646-1 (UCS) is available on

Having read the Unicode 2.0 standard does not mean that you know already
everything about UCS (Universal Character Set = ISO 10646) as well. Even
though both standards define compatible code tables, they each contain
independently various definitions that are not found in the respective
other standard. In the case of UCS, these include the collection
identifiers, the ISO 2022 ESC sequences, the implementation levels,
interoperability with ISO 6429 control sequences, the whole 31-bit
architecture, and more. It is extremely useful to have access to both

Is there some rough publication schedule for ISO 10646-1:2000? The
number of annexes that ISO 10646:1993 has makes buying the full
up-to-date standard completely infeasible at the moment for most
interested parties. The old ISO 10646-1:1993 document would be really
unusable today, weren't it for Michael Everson's highly recommended Web
site <>.

More references on


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