Re: Support for Unicode on IBM mainframes

Date: Thu Oct 14 1999 - 20:10:06 EDT


In IBM's world of EBCDIC, the OS/400 fully supports Unicode for processing and
in its DB2 database. On OS/390, it is pretty much encoding-blind in terms of
what one can store, but as was pointed out in another note, most applications
and communications support expect EBCDIC characters. For the future, as they this space...


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Subject: Support for Unicode on IBM mainframes

How much support is there for Unicode in the world of EBCDIC? The UTF-EBCDIC
transformation allows Unicode data to be stored on an IBM mainframe. Does
anyone know of further support, e.g. printing? Is there a Double Byte
Character Set which supports Unicode or is UTF-EBCDIC the only way of
storing it?

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