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Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 09:37:27 EDT

On Thu, 14 Oct 1999, Rick McGowan wrote:

> Markus, et al,
> I'm forwarding this on behalf of Michel Suignard. It went to another list,
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> >From Thu Oct 14 10:30:16 1999
> > Subject: RE: AFII font for UCS:2000
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> AFII responsabilities have been taken over by the Unicode Consortium. The
> same process is used to produce the ISO 10646 character charts and the
> Unicode book character charts. [snip]

> There is really no need to revive AFII, the Unicode Consortium has already
> taken over AFII responsabilities.
> Michel Suignard
> AFII former Treasurer,
                                             Friday, October 15, 1999
Given that for some scripts (mainly Arabic, Indic and SE Asian) the
character to glyph ratio (or roughly the Unicode(tm) characters to AFII
registered glyphs ratio) is often 1:several, has the Unicode Consortium
plans for AFII glyphs that rendering engines need but that have no single
equivalent in Unicode? Could one hope to see a list (or lists by script?)
of the sequences of Unicode codes that could invoke these "orphan glyphs"?
I know such lists would involve significant effort but by reducing
vendor's redundant efforts and costs they would be of considerable utility
in promoting availabilty of legible text in these scripts. While there
will always be specific device dependencies, is more standardization
     A more general question could be: Now that the Unicode Consortium has
"taken over AFII responsibilities", beyond using AFII data to create
version 3.0, what does it plan to do with these responsibilities? (If it
needs stating I affirm I'm all for creating 3.0.)
     I'll be away next week.

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