Hacek vs. caron

From: Martin Kotulla (martin-k@softmaker.de)
Date: Sat Oct 16 1999 - 04:35:43 EDT

I have a question concerning the caron accent.

 I always thought "hacek" and "caron" to be interchangeable terms.
Actually, I previously only knew the term "hacek", and only when
becoming acquainted with typeface design, heard of "caron". Looking at
the Unicode3 character list, they only use "caron" but equate it with

If I look at the Unicode encoding vector from Fontographer however, I
find the following PostScript character names:

Ccaron, Dcaron, Ecaron, Lcaron, Ncaron, Rcaron, Scaron, Tcaron, Zcaron,

But also:

DZhacek, Ahacek, Ihacek, Ohacek, Uhacek, Udieresishacek, Ghacek, Khacek,
Yoghhacek, jhacek.

Why is there a difference in naming those? Does this result in a
difference in design as well?


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