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From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Sun Oct 17 1999 - 07:53:17 EDT

Ashley Yakeley wrote on 1999-10-16 22:01 UTC:
> At 1999-10-16 14:40, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> >Nobody has the slightest idea what to put on Planes 4 - 13.
> A second system of surrogates, perhaps, to access the rest of UCS4? Only
> needs one and a half planes...

And what do you want to put into the rest of UCS if we have even no clue
how to fill up the Unicode space? :-) Sounds more like a
keep-programmers-busy exercise (just like that 5 and 6 byte UTF-8
encodings) than anything that will ever be used. I'd say, the rest of
the UCS is adeqauately represented already in Unicode by U+FFFD.

(Looking forward to when this mail will be quoted as a classical example
of Y19H-style short-sightedness in 260 years in a PhD thesis about the
history of Unicode in the chapter about the impact that SETI results had
on the final breakthrough for UCS-4 around 2134, when mankind finally
learned that the Chinese are *not* the tribe with the most complicated
writing system in this galaxy.)

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