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Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 05:36:53 EDT

"Ilya Krel" wrote on 1999-10-21 03:33 UTC:
> Where do i get fonts for all those unicode stuff? for example for this
> character 25b2 which is a geometrical figure.

If you are looking for X Window System terminal emulation fonts (for
xterm, etc.), then you'll get all you need from

Also note that Unicode is an encoding standard, not a font repertoire
specification. We do not expect many useful single fonts to be around
that will cover *all* of Unicode. Unicode is just there to make sure
that all characters in all fonts are addressed by the same code number.
Unicode is not there to make sure that all fonts contain the same
characters. There are other standards which specify character
repertoires in the form on Unicode subsets. For instance,
JIS X 0221-1995 specifies a Unicode subset for Japanese users.
For European users, there are the Unicode subsets MES-1, MES-2, MES-3,
and WGL4, specified in

You will also find in

the specification of three Unicode subsets called TARGET1, TARGET2, and
TARGET3, which we designed to guide the extension of the X11 BDF fonts.
Their relation to other repertoires is explained in the README files.

[People constructing Unicode subset specifications might find the tools
in <> highly
useful. (Perl required)]


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