From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 14:16:50 EDT

> Not only is Braille encoded in Unicode 3.0, it's in the BMP.

There are reasons for encoding Braille, and they've been discussed on the
list before and in the proposal itself, and will be in the standard 3.0. It
isn't as simple as being a one-one font or glyph mapping issue; it's a lot
more complex than that. After some research, it was found to be necessary to

A set of western musical symbols was accepted for addition, and won't be
finalized until probably Unicode 4.0. The intent is to provide a small set
of common SYMBOLS which can be used as such in plain text, but it also
provides a set of primitives for building higher-level protocols and in
exchange of musical data. Any music reference book has plenty of examples of
intermixture with running text.

Similarly, there is a proposed set of additional Byzantine musical symbols
which apparently are intermixed with texts. This proposal still has a few

So far, nobody has come in with a dance notation that would be similarly
interesting to encode. Anything made of continuous lines with amorphous
shapes isn't interesting to be encoded as characters.

Nobody has come in with the little weather flag symbols either... as someone
pointed out to me yesterday...


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