Re: Mixed up priorities

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 19:35:03 EDT

For the record, G. Adam Stanislav wrote:

> when I suggested to treat 'CH' as a character [...]
> I was swamped with the reasons why that should not be the case,
> but at the same time it is apparently OK to encode fictional
> "alphabets" such as Klingon in Unicode.

That's not the way it is. The UTC has not approved Klingon, nor endorsed
it, not discussed Everson's proposal officially in meetings. A number of
representatives, such as myself, are strongly opposed to the willy-nilly
encoding of "pop culture" scripts such as Klingon. It is VASTLY more
important to encode a number of real minority scripts of the world.
(Advertisement: Read all about it in Tina Lieu's article on Unicode 3.0 in
this month's "Multilingual Computing".)

> I guess linguistic reasons are secondary to popularity reasons.

Again, no. The treatment of C+H in the Latin script is a completely
different topic than the encoding of entire scripts, so please understand
this difference.

        Rick McGowan
        Technical Director, Unicode, Inc,
        and Alternate UTC Rep for Apple Computer, Inc.

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