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Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 21:27:10 EDT

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> with them, but is it true that these sorting and hyphenation rules
> _require_ encoding of these digraphs as precomposed characters?
> specific sorting and hyphenation rules. Are you suggesting
> that each of
> these sequences _needs_ to be encoded as a precomposed character?
> Again, is it _necessary_ for this behaviour to be controlled
> by encoding
> these letters as individual, precomposed characters? If there

Why is the burden of proof on the users of the language? I would turn the
question around: is it really _necessary_ to leave slovak/czech "ch" out of

> Remember that Unicode is a standard for encoding _plain
> text_. Unicode does
> not contain sorting rules for individual languages, nor does
> it contain
> hyphenation rules for individual languages. Unicode provides

I don't see what plaintext, sorting and hyphenation have to do with it.
Slovak and Czech literates have this thing within their culture, and they
use "ch" denote it. So if plaintext doesn't accomodate "ch", then it must
not be plain text for Slovaks and Czechs. Why do we need more information
than that?

Utterly perplexed,


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