Re: Mixed up priorities

From: Ashley Yakeley (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 21:31:27 EDT

At 1999-10-21 17:54, G. Adam Stanislav wrote:

>Yes, we can type "ch" using the GLYPHS "c" and "h", but Unicode prides
>itself in being a character encoding, not a glyph encoding.

Yes, but it does not in general use one codepoint per character.

>To us, "ch" is a character. Period.

That's correct. The single Slovak character 'ch' is represented by a
sequence of two codepoints U+0063 U+0068, just as the single French
character '' (a grave) is represented by a sequence of two codepoints,
U+0061 U+0300.

If you need to specify that it's a particularly Slovak 'ch', you can use
Plane 14 language tags.

>In our dictionaries the "ch" follows the "h" and
>precedes the "i". We would never dream of looking for "ch" after "cg" and
>before "ci".

Up to you to write a sensible Slovak sorting algorithm. That's not
Unicode's job.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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