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From: Paul Keinanen (
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 03:26:19 EDT

I do not know the Slovak language or the printing tradition, so I hope
someone could clarify.

On Thu, 21 Oct 1999 18:24:43 -0700 (PDT), Robert Brady
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>On Thu, 21 Oct 1999, G. Adam Stanislav wrote:

>> Precisely. CH is a character in Slovak, no matter what any Anglocrat says.
>I'm happy you feel that way. Can you answer the following questions?
> * Is there a "ch" key on Slovak keyboards?

On a mechanical typewriter, was there a "ch" key ?

When printing books and newspapers (before the computer era), was
there a special glyphs for the "CH", "Ch" and "ch" ligatures. If such
existed, was it always used or was it up to the printers preferences
to use this glyph or the sequence of "c" and "h" glyphs.

Regarding the sorting issue, are there other sequences of the
characters of "c" and "h" in the Slovak language that should not be
sorted according to the "ch" character ? If so, are there simple rules
about when they should be treated as separate characters and when as
the "ch" character ? If no such rules exists, then the only
alternative would be a dictionary search for every record, which a
huge performance penalty, if hundreds of thousands or millions
records have to be sorted.

Paul Keinänen

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