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From: John Cowan (
Date: Fri Oct 22 1999 - 11:11:02 EDT

G. Adam Stanislav scripsit:

> The Unicode standard defines "character". No need for me to repeat it.

Well, I will repeat it, just to show that what you think is so clear,
is not so clear at all.

Character: (1) The smallest component of written language that has
semantic value; refers to the abstract meaning and/or shape, rather than
a specific shape (see also *glyph*), though in code tables some form of
visual representation is essential for the reader's understanding.
(2) Synonym for *abstract character*. (3) Loosely, the basic unit of
encoding for the Unicode character encoding, a 16-bit unit of textual
information. (4) Synonym for *code value*.

(The fifth definition refers to the English use of "character" to mean

Abstract character: A unit of information use for the organization,
control, or representation of textual data. [This is the ISO 10646
definition of "character".]

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