How to use Unicode on XML/HTML pages

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Subject: where do I find this info?


I have searched the web site, and am feeling very humble right about
now. I am looking for information that may be right under my nose, and
I don't recognize it.

I have a web site using ISO-8859-2 as my character set. I know all the
proper codes to make the central european characters appear the way they
should on a browser.

Now I am trying to learn XML, which calls Unicode character sets. I
think what i want is in UTF-8 , the characters are on the pages for
Latine Extended A. The codes are all there, and I was glad to find
them. But what I cannot see if how to code these on an HTML or XML page
to make the characters appear properly.

Where do I find this information? It is probably right there, and I
don't know that's what it is. In a windows environment with
pan-european support on the browser, for a capital L with a slash all I
needed to type was alt-0163. I tried putting in #&U+0141, to no avail.

Thank you ... I feel really stupid.

Denice Szafran Liscomb

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