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Date: Sat Oct 23 1999 - 02:45:39 EDT

G. Adam Stanislav:
> There is no "ch" key on Slovak keyboard because there is
> no Slovak keyboard. There is a Slovak keyboard mapping for
> Windows, designed in the state of Washington.

There is a KEYBOARD mapping devised by the Bund für deutsche
Schrift und Sprache ( with "ch"
instead of "c" ("c" instead of "$" and "ck" instead of "%", and
long-s instead of round-s, round-s instead of "+", "sch" instead
of "|"). The logic behind this: c-h is never used in German words,
C and c are - apart from foreign words - only used in Ch, Ck, ch
and ck.

SLOVAK -STILL not answered!

1.) Does c + h exist in Slovak as well, or only ch?

2.) What is the titlecase form: Ch or CH? (I am under the
impression that in Dutch IJxx in Croat DZxxx is used.)


Gregg Reynolds:
For the longest time I labored under the mistaken notion that
Unicode's notion of _character_ meant the _semantics_, and not
abstract shape. BUT it seems that when Unicode says "character" it
means "abstract shape", a kind of Platonic Idea that somehow
unifies the shape or shapes of a
"character"(/letter/orthographeme). Not to be confused with the
meaning of those shapes. (Peter Constable calls that an

An other example that Unicode is NOT about semantics, rather
about abstract shapes (not to be confused with glyphs)
is U+017F "long s". long-s is clearly a form, a shape of a letter.
The semantic name _would_ be "non final s". Both in German Fraktur
and Antiqua (and in English for some years before and after 1900)
a "non final s" was rendered by some typographers (in some fonts)
as round-s, in other fonts as long-s -- final-s being always
rendered by

Arno Schmitt

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