RE: Mixed up priorities

From: Reynolds, Gregg (
Date: Sat Oct 23 1999 - 14:29:59 EDT

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> Re: Gregg's message.
> I'm not going to pursue this much further because I really
> can't get into
> all this symbolic logic argumentation (I have other things to
> do). However:

No problem. I understand it takes time to think things through and we're
all no doubt very busy. However:

> If you don't know what a consonant or a vowel is, please use
> an ordinary
> dictionary. I refer to speech sounds (represented by the
> graphic symbols).

If you don't know how to carry on a civilized conversation without treating
your interlocutor like a retarded child, please use an intermediary or don't
engage in the first place. I refer to common courtesy.



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