Cease and desist, please! [was RE: Mixed up priorities]

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu)
Date: Sat Oct 23 1999 - 17:01:24 EDT

    Gregg> You disappoint me Michael - you've just played one of the oldest
    Gregg> and most transparent (and sophmoric) rhetorical tricks in the book.
    Gregg> I guess if you want to play it that way it's okay by me. I was
    Gregg> assuming that you had full control over text and subtext, but maybe
    Gregg> not. I also assumed that you had read my note before responding,
    Gregg> but maybe not. In any case, let's drop it, I'm sure nobody is
    Gregg> interested. I stand forwarned: I will not expect common courtesy
    Gregg> from you in future.

This whole thing is becoming tedious.

In one corner we have someone who has undoubtedly had this discussion (or
something very like it) countless times and has lost patience, and from the
other corner, we get posts that are long and involved, leaving me lost within
a couple of paragraphs, unable to find the essence of the argument.

I wish both would do us all the common courtesy of doing this elsewhere and
presenting a summary. The finger I use to delete email is getting an RSI.
Mark Leisher
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New Mexico State University he approaches nearest to the gods who knows
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