Re: Mixed up priorities

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Sun Oct 24 1999 - 04:39:39 EDT

Typewriter technology allowed easy modification, even personal key

Surely, if there was a real need, Slovaks would have them made to suit it.
There was no need to get permission from the emperor, just a quote from
your neighborhood typewriter shop.


At 23:49 23/10/1999 -0700, Otfried Cheong wrote:
> > >>There are no Slovak keyboards. There is a Slovak keyboard
> > mapping for >Windows, designed in the state of Washington.
> > >
> >
> > >What did you have on typewriters?
> >
> > Yeah, really. Back when typewriters were being developed, the
> > people of Czechoslovakia were a pretty clever lot. If they were
> > so concerned about the character "ch", why didn't they build
> > typewriter with a "ch" key?
>Probably because the clerks of the Habsburg Empire that started using
>typewriters in Slovakia got them from elsewhere and didn't use them to
>write Slovakian? Because Slovaks used Czech as their written
>language from the 15th to the 19th century?
>Come on, if typewriters are any indication of a people's cleverness,
>then the QWERTY system will forever exclude western civilization from
>any claim to intelligence.

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