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> Are you serious? The 1998 Duden still has rules for round-s versus
> long-s?
Yes, I am serious. The actual Duden (commonly considered as the most
authoritative book about German spelling, albeit not official) contains
these rules on p. 70/71 (21st edition of 1996, anticipating the 1998
spelling reform).

> I don't think I've seen anything printed in German in the
> last fifty years using long-s.
The use of scripts using long-s, like Fraktur, is rare, but persists.
E.g., one of the leading German newspapers, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine",
uses such a script in the headlines of their comments.

> I've read quite a few books written in German Fraktur, and it was my
> impression that round-s is used in syllable-final position.
That is the main rule, with the usual load of exceptions (mainly concerning

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