Re: Yi in CJK Ideographs Area?

From: Tony Graham (
Date: Mon Oct 25 1999 - 05:11:06 EDT

At 21 Oct 1999 12:24 -0700, Kenneth Whistler wrote:
> Tony Graham asked:
> > In Unicode 3.0, are the Yi syllables and radicals included in the CJK
> > Ideographs Area?
> No.
> CJK Unified Ideographs: 3400..4DB5, 4E00..9FA5
> Yi: A000..A4C6
> Hangul Syllables: AC00..D7A3

The Yi Syllables area isn't listed in Index-3.0.0.txt, whereas, for
example, the CJK Ideographs Area is listed:

bash.exe-2.02$ egrep -i area * | egrep -i -e cjk -e yi
Index-3.0.0.txt:CJK Ideographs Area 3400
Index-3.0.0.txt:CJK Phonetics and Symbols Area 2E00
Index-3.0.0.txt:Ideographs Area, CJK 3400
Index-3.0.0.txt:Phonetics and Symbols Area, CJK 2E00
Index-3.0.0.txt:Symbols Area, CJK Phonetics and 2E00
UnicodeData-3.0.0.html: <li>Added place holders for ranges such as CJK Ideographic Area and the Private Use Area. </li>

It would be useful if the ends of the allocation areas were also
listed somewhere, since the areas are not contiguous.

> The concept of "Area" has no normative status in the Unicode Standard.
> It was deemphasized in Unicode 2.0, and has been further deemphasized
> in the text of Unicode 3.0.

Organising the character block descriptions in the Unicode Standard,
Version 2.0, by their allocation area was an interesting way to
deemphasize the concept of "area". I note that the character block
descriptions in the Unicode Standard, Version 3.0, will not be
organised this way.

Thank you for the rest of your explanation (which I omitted from this
reply for sake of brevity).


Tony Graham.

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