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Date: Tue Oct 26 1999 - 19:37:41 EDT

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> Just because the Unicode Standard is the only "universal" encoding
> game in town at the moment is not sufficient reason to keep pushing
> these inappropriate types of cataloging activities on the relevant
> *character* encoding standards committees. The proponents of
> a universal glyph catalog or a universal letter catalog should
> develop their own cataloging efforts instead of pressing the
> committees to encode inappropriate things in the universal character
> encoding.

Babelcode, anyone? I'm only half-joking; I think Ken is right. The
question I have is whether it is appropriate to discuss such possible
projects/interest groups/etc on the Unicode list. In addition to the glyph
catalog and letter catalog you mention, I would add as possible projects
both grammatical modeling (to promote "locally intelligent" handling of
specific language text) and typography (formal expression of
language-specific typographic rules/practice). I know some of people on the
list are working on such things in different languages; over the winter I'll
be working on Arabic and Ethiopic. It would be a shame not to share ideas,
but doing so on the Unicode list seems likely to lead to yet more
theological disputes about the One True Meaning of Character; let's not do

I've got roughly 1.239 million ideas on the subject; rather than tire the
list with them I invite anybody whose interested in pursuing these
directions to email me. If there is sufficient interest we can easily set
up a mailing list, website, etc.



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