Re: arabic number in bidi algorithm

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 16:17:23 EDT

    Chookij> According to the Bidi algorithm, the arabic number (U+0671 -
    Chookij> U+0679) has the strong type, RIGHT-TO-LEFT. So, regardless of RLO
    Chookij> and RLE, can I say that the arabic number (U+0671 - U+0679) would
    Chookij> be always written from RIGHT to LEFT. This is confused me due to
    Chookij> I see that, in miscrosoft word (arabic version), the arabic
    Chookij> number is written from LEFT to RIGHT.

    Chookij> May be someone can let me know which one is right or I miss
    Chookij> anything ?

The digits in the Arabic block, U+0660-U+0669 and U+06F0-U+06F9, all have weak
directionality. Visually they generally appear left-to-right.
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