Pretty Good Bidi Algorithm 2.2 released

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 21:04:05 EDT

With all this talk of RTL scripts recently, I felt a little guilty leaving
everyone with an almost working routine, not to mention it had a couple bugs.
So I updated it. The routine should now produce the same results as the
Unicode BiDi algorithm for implicit directionality. In addition, it now
supports cursor navigation in either visual or logical order.

This should provide a compact, elegant, and effective reordering algorithm
that can be easily adapted for various applications. It is written in C but
should be very easy to port to other languages. It has no dependencies except
for the Unicode Character Database.

Addition of support for explicit bidi codes is left as an exercise for the
user or will get added by me eventually if someone else does not do it first.
The code has not been tested thoroughly and may still have bugs, but it should
work for the most part. Fixes and additions are more than welcome.



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