wingdings to unicode conversion table ?

From: Caolan McNamara (
Date: Fri Oct 29 1999 - 06:01:26 EDT

I suspect that this might be a common question, but is there
a mapping table from the windows wingding font to unicode. On
first inspection the zaph dingbats table looked similiar and
not being able to find a wingdings table I set about mocking
up a conversion table of my own from that base, but I ran into
a number of symbols without analogues in unicode (or at least
not immediately apparent ones).

I imagine that these sort of symbols are at the absolute lowest
priority for unicode, but nonetheless is seems strange that at
least there isn't
as there is the other digits in the list. I intend to continue
with a rough and ready table for my own use which will at least
make some sort of pseudo-conversion possible, but I'm interested
in finding out if a conversion table of even doubtful utility
already exists, as its slow work indeed. Any ideas ?


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