Re: Problems with Classic Greek

From: Markus Kuhn (
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 04:30:03 EST

Tony Larsson <> wrote on 1999-11-06 05:48 UTC:
> I am a Swedish student of computational linguistics,
> and, for an assignment, I am going to construct a program
> that can display classical Greek characters.

If you have a chance of using a Unix/Linux system with X Windows, then

and you will have all Greek Extended glyphs (and all other CEN MES-3
characters) available in numerous font sizes in your usual terminal
emulator window. Advantage over the Windows solution: in contrast to say
Arial MS Unicode, the Greek glyphs in the above font were designed by
someone actually familiar with the Greek script. Disadvantage: these
free pixel fonts are only good for on-screen display and editing, not
for high-res laser printer output.


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