Re: HTML forms and UTF-8

Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 20:25:13 EST

> De: Glen Perkins []
> Date: lundi 8 novembre 1999 03:02
> So, an answer that can handle multilingual forms would be the
> most useful,
> in general, but an answer that only works for multiple,
> single-language
> forms would probably suffice for most real purposes.

That's the best you can have today, except with IE5. I would advise that
you put Accept-Charset="UTF-8" in your forms to let IE5 (and others soon,
hopefully) perform its magic.

> That's too bad for all of us on this
> mailing list, but
> does this sound like a reliable solution for the multiple monolingual
> situation without turning to the technique of returning some
> known bytes and
> then analyzing them to determing their encoding?

The latter is better, because it works across transcoding, but harder to
implement. The _charset_ field returned by IE5 is even better, but you
cannot count on it.


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