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Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 18:44:15 EST


There are several Unicode locales available in Solaris 7:

        de.UTF-8 for Germany
        en_US.UTF-8 for U.S.A.
        es.UTF-8 for Spain
        fr.UTF-8 for France
        it.UTF-8 for Italy
        ja_JP.UTF-8 for Japan (available only on Japanese Solaris 7)
        ko.UTF-8 for Korea (available only on Korean Solaris 7)
        sv.UTF-8 for Sweden

Except Japanese and Korean Unicode locales, all other locales are available
from any Solaris 7 product and you can select them by either CDE login with
one of the above locales or by setenv LANG or LC_ALL to the locale that you
want to use and then start your internationalized application. For more detail
on how to use multi-locale environment, please see a white paper, "Multilocale
Installation Guide" at:

On how to use Unicode in your programming environment, please see
en_US.UTF-8 chapter at the "Solaris Internationaliation Guide For Developers"
(for Solaris 7) from:

Also, you can try out Solaris 8 Early Access version with media cost only
that contains many and much more enhanced Unicode locales. Also Solaris 8
is now unified into a single product, one product contains all locales and
supports that used to divided into several localized products like Japanese
Solaris, Simplified Chinense Solaris and so on.

Hope this helps out and with regards,


PS. As you know, many web browsers are directly localized and thus they
usually don't use much from underlying platform to have support for Unicode
except IME, fonts, fundamental output methods and so on.

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] I'm a system administrator from Brazil. My developers are making java
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] we have some problems due solaris 2.7 doesn't support UNICODE by
] default. How can I do to enable or install UNICODE in Solaris 2.7.
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