Pretty Good Bidi Algorithm 2.3 released

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 12:04:40 EST

Version 2.3 of the UCData package, which includes the PGBA, has been
released. No changes have been made to the UCData portion of the



  [Home Page now has links to API documentation]

Some problems with the PGBA have been fixed, speed has been improved, the code
has been reduced in size and made somewhat clearer, a man page for the bidi
API has been added, and the documentation has been improved a bit. The README
file in the distribution details the changes.

The home page will eventually have a section showing the results from the
PGBA, the IBM ICU bidi implementation, and the FriBiDi implementation.


What is the PGBA?

The PGBA is a small, simple, and fast one-pass Unicode bidirectional text
reordering algorithm that works "pretty good" for most text. It provides an
effective alternative to the Unicode Bidi algorithm for implicit reordering of
bidirectional text. It does not currently support the explicit bidirectional
codes available in Unicode.

Support for logical and visual cursor motion through the reordered string is
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