Re: HTML forms and UTF-8

Date: Fri Nov 19 1999 - 08:36:10 EST


       The fact that multilingual documents are rare can't be taken to
       imply that nobody wants to create them. Rareness may be due
       more to the difficulty in creating them, as others in this
       thread have suggested. It's certainly an important issue for
       our organisation. "If you build it, they will come."


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       Michael Everson wrote:
> Ar 00:02 -0800 1999-11-08, scríobh Glen Perkins:
> >Thus saith Erik van der Poel <>:
> >>
> >> Multilingual content is rare. Glen, do you need
       multilingual content?
> More people in the world are multilingual than not. Except in
        North America.

       Yes, there are many multilingual people. Multilingual documents
       are rare. I.e. more than one language in a single document.


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