RE: Mongolian Text Processing

Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 04:33:36 EST

I don't know any applications for the Mongolian script. The only mongolian
font I have seen is Ulanbatar (, TTF format) on Dr. Berlin's
site (

Before your friends go back home, could you ask them what script is used in
Inner Mongolia (People's Republic of China)? I have contrasting information:
somewhere I read that the Mongolian script is used, somewhere else that a
Pinyin-like Latin spelling is used.


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> Subject: Mongolian Text Processing
> Does anyone know of any current development of applications for processing
> Mongolian text in the traditional, vertical script, preferably using the
> new Unicode 3.0 standard? Is anyone actually working on this?
> My fiancee is teaching HTML and Internet skills to two Mongolian
> government
> sponsored academics who are in town for a few weeks, and I've promised to
> explain Unicode to them. It would be useful to be able to direct them to
> someone who is actually implementing the standard for the Mongolian
> script.
> For anyone interested in an anecdotal survey of the script use of two
> highly educated Mongolians: one can read and write both the traditional
> script and Cyrillic orthographies, one can only read and write the
> Cyrillic, and both -- along with all their colleagues -- use a Latin
> transcription system for e-mail.
> John Hudson
> Tiro Typeworks
> Vancouver, BC

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